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Welcome,  internet voyager. This particular Crawley, in case disambiguation is required, is the one from Kent, Whitstable / Canterbury, living in West London, though rather fond of traveling too. Thanks for dropping in.

Art.SamuelCrawley.com - tracking art exhibitions I'm planning to visit, mostly in London town.
Blog.SamuelCrawley.com - my blog and thoughts, including my '06-'08 Round the World Trip journal.
Calendar.SamuelCrawley.com - organising my life, one Google App at a time. Restricted access.
Glasto.SamuelCrawley.com - heading back to the dream world annually under Michael Eavis' watchful eye.

Www.CobwebSun.com - providing IT services and consultancy to all sizes of business.

Work in Progress:
House.SamuelCrawley.com - welcome to the real world! (login required)
Family.SamuelCrawley.com - discovering our past (login required)
London.SamuelCrawley.com - loving the world's capital city, 24x7 .
PP.SamuelCrawley.com - sharing Preston Parade life on the Seasalter coast.
Ride.SamuelCrawley.com - on yer bike, sonny. Long distance cycling.

 - Sam Crawley

Contact me: Sam at this Domain (encryption key here), via form or snail